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Text Message Marketing for Movie Theatre Business

Text marketing has become the most exciting and fastest way to promote the business. Through text messaging, you can easily draw the attention of mass towards your product or services. It is not wrong to state that  text messaging service provider offers and provides a wide range of message features, which makes the SMS marketing not only simple and easy but also quick even for a naïve person.

How to Use Text Messaging Service for Movie Theatre Business

Today, we see that different industries are getting the benefits of  text messaging service. Movie theater industry is not behind. You read it right! If you are an owner of movie theatre then you can start the text marketing now for the branding. It will not only do the wonders to your business, but will also bring you a lot of customer traffic helping you fill the theatre seats for sure. Here are a few mind blowing tips on how you can use the text messaging service if you are a movie theatre owner or marketer:

  • Subscribe or Opt-in

    We bet that your potential customers love to subscribe for the offers. However, in case they are not interested, via text messaging feature, they can easily opt-in or out. So, the next time, you are about to send any offer message, those who are not interested, opt-out them from the list.

  • Send Coupons via Text Message

    Your audience loves the coupons of the latest movies. You can offer them to win a coupon via text message because people who go to watch the movies don’t like to carry the coupons with them. Via text messaging, you can send them the coupon on their cell phones.

  • You can Share Information

    Text messaging can be your best friend for updating your customers about new happenings in the movie theater. Be it a new upcoming movie or an offer, you can make the most of   Sms messaging service. You can also encourage the customers to reply the message for more details.

  • Arrange a Mobile Contest

    Keeping the customer engaged with the business has become the need of the time. Through text messaging service, you can arrange a contest by asking them questions related to movies and offering them a free movie ticket. You can also hold a customer of the month contest by announcing the winner, who messaged the most throughout the month.

  • Offer Free Movie Tickets

    If you are expecting that a movie will not do well in the theater, you can announce a free ticket on buying one ticket via text messaging service. It will motivate those individuals, who like to watch movies with their families or friends. However, only those individuals should be qualified, who participate through messaging.

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