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Exclusive Text, a unique business messaging solution, has established a user friendly text message service that caters the needs of the professionals to send messages in bulk across the globe.Get registered to our forum and utilise our assistance to spread your word to the masses instantly. We offer handful features to make user experience memorable and unique and the clients have access to all of them to take advantage and connect with the desired audiences.

Distinct Text Messaging Features

The journey at Excusive Text begins as soon as you are registered to avail the proffered messaging services to cater your prospective clients, keeping them enlightened with every move undertaken to ensure maximum response. Following are the steps that the user takes at Exclusive Text to create a bridge between their audience and company by utilising our phenomenal and unmatchable services:

Create Profile

Profile acts as the identity of the user that contains the essential information and correspondence details. Through this feature Exclusive Text facilitates the client in updating the profile anytime as per the requirement and ease. If needed, the email ID and the contact number provided can also be altered.

Manage Funds

The user can choose the desirable mode of payment and we provide the option through which the details of the credit card can be added within the created account. Funds can be managed easily due to the user friendly design of the profile. In addition, the details of the funds can be stored as record, edited and could be deleted as per your choice.

Contact List

Either in groups or individually the contacts can be saved forming a list that assist while sending the text messages in bulk. Exclusive Text provides smart solutions for updating the saved contact list automatically byuploading the spreadsheet in which all the contacts are mentioned. The user can categorise the list of contacts for quick identification.

Categorised Groups

Sending messages to thousands of people was so hectic and impractical previously but Exclusive Text allows creating groups of contacts sorting them accurately for easier management. No additional effort or time is required or wasted in sending the text messages. Therefore, you can easily educate the buyers about the latest offers and discount packages to keep them intrigued and inquisitive.We assure extending memorable user experience by facilitating the companies to run campaigns and get popular with quick spreading of the desired information. Even individuals can keep connected to their circle of friends by making responsive text message groups. However, the user is free to alter or delete the created groups that are no longer needed flexibly.

Brand Name – Sender ID

Your message can be sent to thousands and millions of customers without disclosing the personal contact number.Use the brand name when sending bulk texts on behalf of your organisation. Exclusive Text offers this phenomenal feature to all the clients where they can also send messages to the audience from multiple sender IDs that comprises of alphabets only and no numeric letter. This is beneficial for companies that sell different products under one brand and can avail innovative assistance from Exclusive Text to acquire recognition among the target audience.


The users with access to iOS and Android operating system can benefit with the trendy feature rich app to manage their accounts and update profiles. Exclusive Text is a gateway to obtaining fascinating bulk text messaging solutions in fastest and cheapest ways. Commercialise your brand and disseminate the exciting news worldwide.

Balance & Message Information

Find the remaining balance details after every message on the user panel where it shall be displayed to keep you informed. Exclusive Text designed this feature to save you from the worry of checking the remaining balance repeatedly. Also, the total number of sent or received message history can be checked from the panel of the user.

Creative Text Messaging Solution

Get recognition by enabling Exclusive Text to proffer standardised text messaging services to send the messages quickly everywhere. Unleash your details to the customers in bulk to ascertain speedy response and increased hype. We offer Scheduling of the message, a service that helps you run a campaign or inform the recipient right before to be safe. Wish birthdays or send personal messages by scheduling the message on a particular date to spend tension free time. This feature allows the user to stay ahead meeting every appointment precisely without any hassle and the best part is that the messages can be sent in bulk in just one time.

Additionally, the users can also receive replies of the messages which are stored in the Inbox.Save you favourite messages that you wish to use in future in the Favourites section that is available on the panel of the user.The saved message can then be loaded directly and composed to send to the customers. With this feature the client shall Moreover, Record keeping& Sortingare two interesting options that aids in displaying all the messages, which are compartmentalized in folders.

The different types of folders available to sort the messages in the panel are inbox, draft, favourites, outbox, schedule and sent folder.This variety enables the user to smoothly manage the account, ensuring that all the records are maintained accurately, so that it can be easily monitored and organised. Exclusive Text is offering creative out of the box highly featured professional services to give the clients a worthy user experience thereby addressing to their text messaging worries and concerns. Get global, stay connected and observe the boom in business right away with hiring the commendable services of Exclusive Text, the best business messaging tool to interact with the target audience.


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