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At Exclusive Text, every technological tool ranging from latest smartphones, tablets to iPhone is catered to perfection. Stay in touch and spread your word, discussing your business strategies and plan with variety of audience. We offer flexible messaging service at notably affordable prices to provide convenient and easy mode of interaction with the customers 24/7.

To commence utilising our distinct services, the clients have to tread over the defined steps to obtain registration in order to establish contact with friends, colleagues and family.The process of sending business or private messages to thousands of customers worldwide efficiently is explained precisely step by step to enlighten the clients remarkably as follows:

Stage # 01 Sign Up Register

Experience an easy signing up process that requires just the basic essential details comprising of the user’s full name, email ID, contact information and the business type. By collecting such data, the users can be verified to assure that the services are being used by the authenticated person from Exclusive Text.

Stage # 02 User Identity Verification

The client is directed towards the verification page to examine if the information provided earlier is accurate. Once the details match and confirms the presence of the same user, a verification code is sent to the respective email ID and the given contact number to inform the activation of the account. Use this code and log in.

Stage # 03 Logging in the Panel

Find the log in button at the end of the verification process as your details have been analysed. Click the client panel and you can now avail the services offered by the Exclusive Text on successful login.

Stage # 04 Clients Profile

The profile contains the user’s information and personal details, which can be updated or modified depending upon the requirement.

Stage # 05 – Fund Management

To begin internet messaging, the mode of credit in order to make the payment is selected in the accounts section. Find the suitable package that allows maximum packaging at very minimal rates. With this feature, the amount can be added, removed or edited in the account provided by the Exclusive Text forum, as per the desire of the user.

Stage # 06 – Contacts Management

Adding contacts is the essential step in completing the process of updating the profile. Therefore, personalise your account and then utilise our commendable messaging solutions to promote your business. We offer wide ranging messaging solutions, catering both individuals and companies in meeting their goals. You can message in bulk to the created contact groups to save time and spread the information quickly. Write the country codes to ascertain that the message has been sent to the right contact.

Stage # 07 – Initiate Messaging in Bulk

Get popular by disseminating your intended message with remarkable ease in less money.Corporations and organisations can acquire great relief by using the Sender ID feature to run their campaigns with ease. Send message or save messages under the feature of favourites for using it in future after modifying it. Exclusive Text provides multifaceted features that also include scheduling of the message to ensure that the intended message is sent on the right time. Additionally, the app can be downloaded on Android or iPhone for convenient messaging across the globe in order to spread your word without any delay. Enjoy sending the message round the clock at minimal rates without worrying for the distance.


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