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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy outlining the principle procedures of the renowned text messaging company, Exclusive Text are well defined to educate the Users with the accurate functioning of the Site. We are committed to provide best services and unique solutions for the clients and by continuing to access our services it is expected that they have agreed to follow the conditions written below:


Maintaining your privacy is our foremost aim and thus we have adopted the best strategies to extend a promising service online. Exclusive Text requires taking the basic information of the Users in order to allow the usage of the Text Messaging services and others for indefinite period of time. We believe in taking the consent from the User to disclose their information, if required, while carrying out surveys, promotional activities and marketing programs.

Identity of the User

Every User utilising the services of Exclusive Text is unique and hence requires submitting his or her details to acquire the registered account. The personal information comprises of the details such as name, contact number, email ID and billing information. User is given complete possession of their accounts and is expected to create the contacts identifiable for convenient sending of texts. However, the submitted details may be used to promote similar products.

Legal Formalities

The Users should be informed that Exclusive Text has complete authority to disclose the protected information at specialised occasions. Information can be revealed when it is demanded by the governmental organisations for investigative or informational purposes. In addition, the details can be shared if requested by the court order or can also be expressed to verify if the Privacy Police is being correctly abided. However, it will be disclosed only when mandatory.

Regulatory Authority

We reserve the right to transfer or share the collected personal information in case of partnering, merging or integrating our business with different entity. However, the details shall be secured from the third party owners who are not directly entitled with the Exclusive Text to secure the information of the clients, unless otherwise required or needed.


Exclusive Text reserves every right to make the necessary changes and modifications in the Privacy Policy in order to improvise it. However, any such alterations made may or may not be notified, which shall not be a matter of discussion. If notified, you may receive an email containing the new Privacy Policy updated document. These amendments are made to elevate the standard of the offered services to make this platform better and number one choice of clients.

Use of Cookies

With the registration at Exclusive Text, the cookies are sent to your hard drive that enables our Site to continually monitor the user history to improvise the user experience at our platform. Consequently, you are directed to the content of your interest with the personal identifiable feature. However, if by selection of the advertised cookies you are directed to the partnered sites, Exclusive Text shall not be responsible for their usage of cookies in any form.


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