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Preamble: Exclusive Text, Smart Business Messaging Solution

Exclusive Text extends a pathway to the clients to get registered online for sending unlimited messages speedily in record time. Benefit from the messaging service instantly by using our website to send messages in bulk to your contacts directly without any hassle. Enjoy uploading versatile features or adding endless contacts by typing the name and number, after you have been registered to avail the phenomenal messaging services from our website. Additionally, the API code can be integrated with any app easily to facilitate messaging. Through online API message gateway, an interface is established between our recognised message gateway and your desired application via distinct HTTP protocol.


The user is emailed a product token upon the successful completion of registration, which is essential to accept the requests. Moreover, Token is a combination of specialised characters that looks like


Send a Message

Integrate the multi messaging system via multipart supporting API and send text messages through API which only supports the HTTP requests. For more information, find the guidelines in the section entitled Multipart.

Multipart Messages

Longer messages, having more than 150 characters can be easily sent as a multipart message. To facilitate the sending of the long messages to the recipient, it is broken to many small messages in the process and is pasted into one message by joining the many parts by the phone. The limitof the message ranges from 150 characters being minimum and 1200 characters as the maximum limit of the message, which is sent using message parts. It is defined as:



In addition, the usage of multipart messages is subjected to the following limitations:

  • Each message only contains 150 characters, which is the minimum limit
  • 255 message parts forms the SMS standard. However, the maximum limit of 1200 can be sent only using 8 message parts.
  • The operator has to be verified in order to find out whether they allow multipart message functionality or not. Suitable operator is chosen subsequently.

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